Satisfying my inner mermaid

Musings of an older-born


They tell me I could swim before I could walk. Well, that’s how I remember it. No doubt it’s an exaggeration, but there are photos of me, a chubby 1950s baby, sitting up and photos of me swimming in my father’s arms, but no photos of me walking.

We grew up near the beach, and when most of my classmates were at Sunday school, we were swimming. While Mum dealt with my “difficult” younger brother, Dad would take the neighbourhood kids to the beach. Later, thanks to a win on a horse, they bought a weekender at Whale Beach, in those days right on the fringe of suburbia. Weekends and school holidays were spent in the water, on the sand, or roaming the rocks and sandhills.

So although my late January birthday makes me an Aquarian, I think it is my childhood rather than the power of the zodiac that…

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One thought on “Satisfying my inner mermaid

  1. I enjoyed this Sally. And I feel exactly the same about the beach. Rob doesn’t even though he grew up in Maroubra. Like David, his skin is the wrong colour ( so is mine ) and these days it is very difficult for him to walk on sand barefoot. In fact, he cannot walk barefoot anywhere even in the house ..has to use orthotics all the time. He was very good and came to the beach with me today but had to walk with his walking boots on until we chose a spot to sit and then swim.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Judy xxxxx

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