Tales of an (almost) virgin traveller.

It’s a long time since I travelled overseas. Apart from a brief trip to France and the UK ten years ago, my last travel adventure was in the 70s, when I was lucky enough to travel from Kathmandu to London, albeit on a bus full of other middle class Aussies In their mid- twenties. For eighteen months I did the usual living and working in the UK with side trips to various European destinations. Unable to face a second English winter, I came home. Before I knew it I had a husband and a mortgage, soon followed by two children a cat , a dog and a swimming pool.

In the last ten years I’ve seen various parts of Australia, but our plan to join the grey nomads was squashed by my husband’s ill health. For various reasons we decided to tackle Europe first, then return to see more of Australia.

Now, with two weeks to go, it’s like the end of a pregnancy. Have I done everything? What else do we need? Will we be safe? And, just like nesting, I’m tidying the house for the sitters who will be caring for the cat and our daughter, whose health necessitates some help.

I’m hoping this blog will provide a memory aid for me, as well as keeping friends and friends of friends updated on our progress.

So with the bags half-packed and a plethora of last minute details to sort, it’s time to try blogging.

20140724-123012-45012212.jpg2014-05-16 18.19.21


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